Senior Transportation Services

As the family member of an elderly parent, chances are, if their driving skills have begun to decline due to diminished eyesight or mobility, you’re worried about how they’ll get from point A to point B.

After all, their ability to stay mobile presents a wealth of benefits. Maintaining their social independence reduces the risk of isolation and loneliness. Also important for older adults, they can get themselves to regular appointments that prolong their health and wellbeing.

So, what happens when your loved one can’t drive themselves and you can’t be the one to transport them when they need it most?

We understand that, in the midst of your busy life, it can be difficult to provide your loved one with the care they need and deserve, and public transit can be stressful and challenging to use under even the best of circumstances.

Georgetown Home Care is here to lend you and your family a helping hand.

That’s why we’ve partnered with a leading transportation platform, Uber Health, to provide occasional private transportation for our senior clients with their caregivers that avoids the hassle and fuss of public transportation, but is anything but a simple taxi service.

For regular transportation needs (for example, a daily dialysis appointment), we’ll match your loved one with a caregiver with access to a car.

When coupled with our attentive companion care, our senior transportation services give your loved one complete, compassionate support to enhance not only their health, but their overall wellness and quality of life.

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Dependable, Customized Senior Transportation Services

When you choose Georgetown Home Care, you’re choosing an agency that offers transportation to meet your family member’s needs. It will get them to visits, medical appointments, and anywhere else they need to go, any day of the week.

That’s not all we provide. If you’re eager to keep your family member out of assisted living facilities and in the comforts of his or her own home for as long as possible – even if you’re unsure of what that may mean for you or them – we’re here to help.

  • Step 1

    Receive a Request

    Our partnership with Uber Health—a HIPPA-compliant transportation platform for healthcare organizations like ours—allows our caregivers to notify our office of the need for a ride.
  • Step 2

    Arrange Transportation

    We’ll arrange for the Uber to pickup your loved one and their caregiver.
  • Step 3

    Safe Transport

    Your loved one will safely be transported to and from their desired destination–whether that be a grocery store, pharmacy, or social outing.

Best of all, there’s never a moment your loved one will be without the comfort of a Georgetown Home Care staff member, as they’re able to walk arm-in-arm from door to door.

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Senior Care & Transportation

When coupling senior transportation services with our in-home companion care services, we’ll alleviate certain stresses you or other family members may have.

Often, home care services cost roughly half of what families pay for assisted living or nursing home options. This is because clients pay only for the services needed and because nobody has to foot the costs associated with the immense administrative and structural infrastructure required to run assisted live-in care institutions.

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    Routine Visits for Welcome Fellowship

    Despite access to ride services and the ability to stay within their own home, feelings of loneliness and isolation are often inevitable for seniors, which can in turn negatively impact physical and mental health. Our companion caregivers are available to visit on a regular basis to enjoy a meal, conversation, movie, concert, and simply listen in as your family member recalls joyful adventures and memories.

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    Light Housekeeping

    A clean, healthy living environment is essential to the overall health of seniors. When your family member’s energy level declines, keeping a clean home can be a trying task and housekeeping can become a real chore. One of our companion caregivers will perform light housekeeping assistance that can have a direct impact on the health and safety of our senior clients—such as maintaining a clean and organized kitchen or bathroom, changing linens, and more.

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    Recreational Activities & Light Exercise

    Your loved one can physically and emotionally benefit from partaking in activities he or she enjoys on a regular basis—from improved mobility to wellbeing and even an increased sense of self-sufficiency. We’re committed to helping your loved one stay sharp physically and mentally by being active and playing brain games alongside them.

As your neighborhood home care company, we’re focused on serving you and your family. With a professional and compassionate team of carefully selected, background-checked caregivers, you can look forward to your loved one getting the personalized assistance and companionship they not only need, but also long for, as they continue to get older.
To ensure that we successfully deliver on that commitment, we take the time to thoughtfully and carefully match our senior clients’ individual desires, personality traits, hobbies, and social temperament with the proper companion care services and caregiver.

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A locally-owned and operated non-medical home care company, we’re committed to providing one-on-one support and assistance. Most importantly, we offer friendship that not only encourages and uplifts the heart and mind of your loved one–and yours.

Our mission is to ensure a better quality of life for our elderly clients and their families through dependable, affordable care.

“Georgetown Home Care has been wonderful and responsive! Elizabeth, the caregiver, is excelling in her role helping our parents stay in their home while coping with the medical difficulties of aging. She helps with chores around the house to Mimi’s high standards and gone beyond. It is such a relief to know Elizabeth is coming in to help them!”
Julie I.

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We diligently follow Centers for Disease Control guidelines to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, taking all precautions to provide a safe environment for both our employees and our clients of all abilities and ages, including seniors and their families who are most at-risk.

Find out more about our COVID-19 safety protocols and COVID-19 recovery services.